It all began in the kitchen...while making pasta for their pasta shop
and restaurants.

For many years, ALPI has operated with a philosophy of quality craftsmanship and service while presenting leadership and success in areas of design and supplying machinery for producing pasta in North America. Our lines of machinery, which produce pasta from 5 kg./ hr. to 1500 kg./hr. fresh or dry, have withstood hours of operation, and proven over and over the major impact we have in assisting the pasta producers for survival in today's competitive market. The same philosophy has been carried over to the maintenance and after sales service which ALPI warranties to all its clients across North America. ALPI also offers an extended maintenance plan for service and check up on a regular schedule. ALPI's warehouse stocks a large line of parts able to accommodate almost any type and any make of pasta machine. Our specialized technicians and maintenance staff complement this department with their years of experience in keeping machines operating efficiently at all times.

ALPI offers a complete SALES and SERVICE package for your
pasta machine or large production plant across North America.

Our future, with the development of new and extraordinary technologies combined with the operational
policy of ALPI has now expanded into the restaurant and catering equipment sector. ALPI is able to offer the same
specialization and figures which have attracted the practical business minded for years. Performance, Safety and
Hygienic requirements in this sector has guided us in selecting and assembling an unequaled range of equipment
which has dominated the European market, and will enhance the North American market for years to come.

"Our proud tradition in Quality and Performance
continues...Preparing, Cooking,, Storing . . . We do it best."

A rich and complete range of ALPI

equipment and accessories along with strategic layouts and direct contact with professionals in the catering field,are the ingredients we are using to resolve the challenges created in the food service industry. When it comes to cooking ranges, fryers, boiling pans,solid tops, fry-tops, bratt pans, bain-marie units, grills, ALPI has combined the best performance characteristics with the maximum functionality and operating simplicity.


Our equipment includes:
Gas or electric - Commercial - Domestic - Cooking ranges - Chrome fry tops - Grills - Food processing machinery
Salamanders - Pasta cookers and more products are added every day.